Follow Your Passion?

I was at a restaurant. It was run-down, the food was average, and flies were hovering over my bowl of noodles. I was four. Despite these vivid descriptions, there was one description that stood out to me the most that day. At the end of the room there was a small T.V, not one of those flat screens, but it was decently sized. What interested me wasn’t the T.V but actually what was happening on the T.V. It was playing the Los Angeles Lakers basketball game. Immediately I was entranced by the game of basketball, I constantly asked questions about it, I made up my mind about it. I wanted to become a professional basketball player.

I tried and tried to reach my goals, I was shot down. I was told that the chances of me ever making it to the NBA was a slim margin. He told me that millions of players try for the draft, but not even 1% make it in. Although I’d like to say I’m Kobe Bryant today, sadly I’m not.

Fast forward to my years in high school, I still wanted to be a basketball player, but I couldn’t. I wasn’t on the basketball team, I didn’t possess the skill and work ethic that others contained, I didn’t have IT. People always say “Follow your passion, you’re sure to achieve it.” That didn’t apply to me.

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I’m not saying to not follow your dreams, shoot for it! I’m just saying, thinking of it in the long run, when you enter the world of work things will be different. In this day and age, I believe its much more beneficial to not do what you love and survive the tribulations of life, than to do what you love, but not be able provide for yourself especially a family at that. Say you’ve always wanted to become a therapist. You love talking, analyzing, and reading people, it’s your job for the taking. You take the job, but soon realize the financial difficulties that arise from working at such a low salary job. Nobody comes to you for help. You’re broke.

However say you took a different approach and realized that the computer industry is probably the most booming industry nowadays and saw that more businesses are looking for people with computer skills and experiences. Although you hate dealing with computers, you major and make a career out of it. You might be thinking, ” That’s such a sad life to live.” But I truly think that those are the sacrifices that you have to make to survive in this world. This is why I envy celebrities, professional athletes, Dan Bilzerian, and even to a certain extent professional video gamers. They’re all doing what they love and making tons of money for it.

Although I once shot for a job (Professional Basketball player) that yielded these benefits it was just a common unfulfilled dream.

Even though I’ve yet to enter the world of work I’m not sure why I’ve accumulated such a strong opinion of it already. I’m inexperienced, I’ve never taken up a job that pays, I don’t know what the world is really like out there. I’m still young. As I enter the latter part of my sophomore year in high school, I have no particular interests or aspirations for my future. But for now, whatever yields me the the most benefits in regards to the future, I’ll do.


6 thoughts on “Follow Your Passion?

  1. I’d disagree , I think one of the main goals in life is to be happy and not stuck doing some boring job for the rest of your life. Excuse me for using “Yolo”, but it’s true. You have to ask yourself, is this really worth it, is this the reason you’re living? I understand having stability, that goes through every one’s minds and it’s a huge sucky decision. But I think you should find other hobbies, or things you’re interested in. Sometimes you have to sacrifice things to get what you want and that means stability. Live for yourself.

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    1. Thank you for your constructive criticism, but I still stand strong on my opinion. I too believe it’s important to be happy in life. I really hate to say that the key to surviving in the real world is by money, but to some extent it kind of is. There are certain people who are lucky enough to love something (say Biology and dissection) and can pursue a career as a surgeon which reaps a lot of benefits. Although we’d all love to pursue a job that we love to do, in five years (give or take) ask your self this, ” Do I want to pursue a career I’d like to do but live on the edge of poverty, or should I pursue a career that’ll enable myself to live comfortably enough to take care of yourself/family?” Also, just because you have a full time job that you don’t really love, doesn’t mean you cant have other fun hobbies to do. You can be working in an office, but can still be able to skydive, write/blog, play in a small sports league, and etc. When you can stabilize yourself financially, you gain more opportunities to finally “Live for yourself” and do “things you’re interested in.”

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    Wow… my buddy Jeff. I feel you man. Dreams can be crushed by people. BUt dreams also have alternatives. When you realize you can no longer reach your goals, don’t stop.. find a new goal or an alternative. You wanted to be a professional basketball player? be one. Who says it has to be in the NBA? This is where the alternative goal comes in. There are many professional basketball leagues overseas who offer millions for american talent. Work now and you’ll lie the rest of your life the way you want it. SO here’s the message for you and everyone with goals: reach for you dreams and if you can’t reach them find the alternative goal that makes you ALMOST as happy because believe it or not this will make you as happy as your original goal and you will have no regrets. keep your head up Jeff, everyone.


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    Truth, reality is reality no doubt about it. This guy hits the nail on the head. You must realize the world around you the environment surrounding you before you go for you rush to your dreams. Your resolve and will power decide where you get in life. If you just dream of something and mindlessly go for it you’re going to get crushed. That is just the way of life. If you don’t centralize yourself on your dream you will never make it.

    “Shoot for the moon land in the stars.”


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