Once upon a time, I took over this Jeff’s blog to continue its legacy. I have drastically changed it from the layout of the blog to the styles of the blog posts, but at the end of the day all things have to end. I was never really into the url name of koreanwhipcream, it […]


Video Games in the Olympics?

You probably are outrageously thinking. Video games? Olympics? Video games in the Olympics? What is this?! Video games are undoubtedly getting more popular as the years go on. This topic has remained controversial since competitive gaming was introduced. Today, many people argue that video games should be part of the Olympics. So this brings up the […]

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The Problems With Money

What type of issues does money bring? Money spreads everywhere around the world with one purpose. To be exchanged for a purpose. However, its usefulness isn’t considered a luxury for everyone, as it can bring money problems whether it be politically or socially. Currency has always been around ever since we existed, even in some […]

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I’m Bored

Recently during my English class, we spent most of our class time talking about boredom and whether it is good or bad for us. There were a lot of mixed responses from the students. We proceeded from the talk and listened to a podcast on it. I forgot the name of the podcast, however I remembered […]

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There are many things in this world that annoys me, but it annoys me the most when people start doing these annoying things. I get annoyed by a lot of little things, and it is something that I am trying to change. It would be better for me to change… Over the course of my […]

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Comedy Films Done Right?

With many new exciting comedy films coming, I thought that I would review what makes a good comedy film (for me). Many of the old classic comedy films have always been expressive with their work, while many of the new comedy films today have been more on the stale side. An example of this is […]

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Movies and videos is the most expressive way to show your creativity. From a simple idea, you nurture that idea into something bigger, a visual that everyone else can see. A visual with a powerful story that everyone else can experience with you. It is not just a video, it is a beautiful form of expression shown […]

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Giving Up

Some people will often make the excuse that they just “don’t want to do it anymore”. And this often occurs when they give up. We have all done it at a point in our lives, and it usually is something is often difficult for us to achieve. You surrender your goals and you’ll be left […]

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I Hate Optimism

There have been a lot of people in my life that tell me, “You should be more optimistic about [insert subject]!” And I absolutely hate that they have to constantly shove their success in my face, even if they do not realize it. I have personally been trying to be an optimist since the beginning […]

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